Engine Room Edit and Brewhouse VFX to merge into Conductor Productions


January 8, 2019  (Boston, MA)–  Scott Knowlton and Noah Lydiard, co-owners of Conductor Productions, have recently announced the merger of Engine Room Edit and Brewhouse VFX into Conductor Productions, effective January 1, 2019.  With the merger, Knowlton and Lydiard will share ownership and leadership responsibilities for Conductor Productions, a full-service production and post-production company.


The company’s new structure provides an opportunity for Knowlton and Lydiard to offer clients full service production expertise under one roof, while also providing essential a la carte production and post production services.

“For 13 years, Engine Room Edit has served the production community with innovative editorial and visual effects,” said Knowlton. “This strengthened connection with Conductor gives clients opportunities to bring editorial into a project earlier in the production process. We believe it’s a valuable creative option for our clients.”


“By formalizing this new relationship, our clients can pick and choose the services they need,” said Lydiard.  “Our in-house staff will now have the flexibility to be involved with projects from the idea phase to the edit suite, as well as provide targeted expertise at specific points in the pipeline. With the experience of our combined staff, Conductor Productions can fulfill the specific needs of our clients- whether they prefer one stop full service or a unique boutique experience.”

With the merger of Engine Room Edit and Brewhouse VFX into Conductor Productions, the company will continue to provide a collaborative atmosphere for clients to create their commercial, broadcast, web and film projects.

“Scott and Noah saw an opportunity to consolidate and strengthen the Conductor brand, and 2019 seemed to be the right time to take this next step,” said Don Packer, Co-Founder of all three companies.  “I am proud of my role in the creation of these businesses and I’m thrilled that Scott and Noah are taking the reins of the new Conductor Productions. It will be exciting to see where these two seasoned professionals will take this new venture.”

Conductor Productions is located at 142 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA.  For more information, contact them at 617-262-1400 or visit www.conductorproductions.com