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In a company with a lab mentality, Matt is one of the lead scientists. He simply figures things out. Need to make a head float around? Ask Matt. Need to figure out how to make a woman look like she has 6 arms? Ask Matt.  And that’s just how he spends his fun-time.


He also edits national broadcast commercials, short films, feature films, documentaries, as well as content for sports arenas and trade shows. He has worked with essentially every agency and client in the Boston market (in every conceivable aspect ratio). Matt is also one of the only people qualified enough to backup Scott Knowlton on all the editorial and VFX needs for Toyota.


Need content for Times Square? Ask Matt. Need something to play across 20 screens simultaneously? Ask Matt.  


In his spare time, you can find him strumming on his guitar, running around mountains like a Sasquatch, exploring breweries, or soaking up completely random bits of knowledge.


Want to know why people who speak different languages perceive color differently? Ask Matt.