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Pourya has directed 5 feature films and nearly 500 commercials, then a funny thing happened. He and his family left their home country of Iran, in search of the proverbial “better life” in the United States.  Lucky for us, he landed in Boston. He has worked for dozens of monster brands and agencies, most of which you may never have heard of….because they are in Iran. His list of international film awards and acknowledgements is so long that we’d needed to build a website just to host them. Here: www.pouryadow.com.


Our first collaboration was on a short film called “Hometime,” and through that collaboration, we discovered just how talented Pourya is. His knowledge of storytelling runs deep. He directs with an empathy that allows him to evoke genuine emotion through his work. People who collaborate with Pourya value his genuine kindness, his dedication to excellence, and his passion for the art of cinematic technique. In a world full of cheap gear and mediocre storytellers, Pourya rises above as an authentic master of his craft.


When he isn’t making movies, he’s writing them, studying them, and learning from them. He is also discovering what it means to be a new father…and we’re quite sure he’ll someday make an award-winning movie from that experience.