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Scott is a co-owner of Conductor and its lead editor. He’s also the fastest, most knowledgeable Flame Artist you’ll find anywhere. Scott is known for his old school work ethic and massive experience with the entire post-production workflow. There isn’t a VFX or compositing challenge Scott can’t solve.


If you’ve ever seen a spot for New England Toyota (and there are a lot) then you’ve seen Scott’s work. He designs, edits, composites, and manages the visual effects, sound engineering, and color process teams on all of the New England Toyota commercials. (Again, there are a lot of them. Scott is a machine.) He also acts as effects supervisor on Toyota commercial shoots.


On top of Toyota, Scott has edited, created visual effects, and finished work for Progressive, Bank of America, Scottrade, CT Lottery, Reebok, and Putnam Investments, among others.


For fun, he shreds ski-mountains and mountain bike trails and craft brews.