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Tone is a creative editor in the truest sense in that he is fast, collaborative, whip smart, and direct. He has mastered the relationship between images and sounds. Directors and Creative Directors barely have to articulate an idea before Tone understands it and is on his way executing it, often at a level greater than his clients could have imagined.


He’s edited commercials, branded content, music videos, and short films. He can also pick up pretty much any piece of video software or tech and have a working understating of it more quickly than anyone else we know.


Tone edits almost all of our Fanatics work (literally hundreds of commercials) without losing his dedication to making them great. He has also cut work for Toyota, Adore Me, Man Crates, Vermont Lottery, Rise Records, Johnson And Wales University, and Jibo.


Just to round it out, he directs music videos and short films, and he rips on the guitar.