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Vlad RULES! . A true visionary, he’s the Mr. Miyagi of the team. He navigates creative details, visual language, and storytelling with such focus and wisdom that he has to be connected to a higher power.  He calls it Chi, but we just call it magic.


His direction style is quiet and supremely knowledgeable, that’s because he came up as an Assistant Director and Storyboard Artist in film and commercials. He’s worked with clients like HBO, Clarks, Fidelity, American Standard Bath, Quell, Hasbro, Toyota, Volvo, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Papa Gino’s, Wendy’s, Ocean Spray, Quaker Oats and others.


From his fantastic boards, to his logistical knowledge of big production, we love having him on set even when he’s not directing. Because Vlad knows.


Topping it all off are a list of awards for his short films, a feature length in development, and a published book he’s co-authored. You can find out more here : http://www.vladimirminuty.com/


PS- He’s also a black belt in Jiu Jitsu so we’re pretty sure he can levitate.